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Volume 11 Issue 4, July 2021    Pages:85-96
Biometric Estimation for Understanding the Nature of Vorticella Stalk Contraction-Extension Repeated Consequential Cyclic Processes

Dr. Amit Kumar Verma
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Vorticella stalk is the storehouse of two types of novel proteins, known with the names of spasmins and batonnets. On the basis of nature of proteins and the arrangements of amino acid residues of these proteins, the repeated consequential cyclic processes of contraction dynamics worked by neutralizing the negatively charged amino acid residues as per the laws obeyed by Heber-Weiss, Nernst and Fenton reactions. H+-integrated physiological performances in combination with pCa (partial pressure of calcium ion concentrations) and DNFB (2,4 – dinitrofluorobenzene/Sanger’s reagent) concentration gradients at the range of 1mM to 5mM represented velocity inclination in acidic medium which were more actively pronounced if it was compared with alkaline medium where permeabilized stalk exaggerated potential biochemical-shift-perturbation if it was in respect of non-permeabilized live specimens in both artificial as well as in natural medium in different experimental trials under controlled electro-physiological instrumental setup conditions. On the basis of these experimental designs it was confirmed that  spasmins and batonnets are two different types of novel proteins with multitudes of potential applications in the favour of biomedical engineering devices formulation, then their construction at the nano-scale where H+-integrated pCa dependent electrophysiological nature of recommended proteins were found more ROS (reactive oxygen species) resistant if there was the introduction of DNFB in fixed concentrations than in the acto-myosin as well as tubulin-dynein systems being exclusively controlled under post-translational biochemical reactions  catalysed in the light of software based modern bioinformatics’ tools and techniques. In live as well as permeabilized specimens, different types of biochemical reaction kinetics of amino acid residues were performed at different rates among the sequentially determined  spasmins and batonnets like novel proteins where molecular orientations and motive-force generation in measurable parameters per millisecond confirmed the electrophysiological significance of Vorticella stalks’ on the basis of colligative nature of novel proteins of saccular compartments of spasmoneme, the well explained active contractile organelle of the stalk in relation with other resembling proteins found in Protein Data Bank (PDB) as centrins, calmodulins and others significantly pronounce their life saving and medicinal properties. This present statement/study was aimed to know the biochemical behaviour of spasmins and batonnets like novel proteins in the light of electrochemical behavior of the Vorticella stalk under some selective chemical stress conditions, that’s why this research helped us to know the ROS resistance properties of novel protein polymers found in stalk. On the basis of which reference proteins as described in this paper can be used as a diagnostic tools in pharmaceutical industries in the favour of molecular medicines and drugs’ designing.  
Keywords: Vorticella, Stalk, Spasmins, Batonnets, DNFB, pCa.
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