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Volume 11 Issue 4, July 2021    Pages:19-24
A Comprehensive Knowledge on Review of Indole Derivatives

Padmavathi Sakinala, Vemula Mounika, Komre Gangabai, Kattupalli Sathvika, Kondamudi Saikumar, Lagadapati Lakshman
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The  aim of the present review is to review synthesis and biological significance of indole derivatives. Most of the indole derivatives has varied pharmacological activities. Indole is an aromatic heterocyclic ring, which is commonly synthesized from Fischer- Indole synthesis from phenyl hydrazine and pyruvic acid. Indole undergoes electrophilic substitution reaction at position-3. It was synthesized from Batcho synthesis, Fukuyama- indole synthesis and Gassmann indole synthesis. Indole is a versatile and privileged heterocyclic ring with wide range of pharmacological activities. A plenty of research work was undertaken to synthesis and various therapeutic prospective of this moiety. The various activities of indole derivatives are Anticancer, anticonvulsant, antimicrobial, antimalarial, antiviral and some miscellaneous uses in the last few years. The present review is useful and provide knowledge regarding synthetic process and pharmacological features that helps future medicinal chemists for new drug discovery. The present review summarises the structure property that inspire new and even more creative approaches. The indole structure was exposed to the future perspective. It helps to develop novel indole derivatives with the knowledge of our review.
Keywords: Indole, Synthesis, History, Indole derivatives, Indomethacin,
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