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Volume 11 Issue 4, July 2021    Pages:9-15
Effect of Ultrasound Therapy and Cryotherapy over Taping Technique in Patients with Acute Lateral Ankle Sprain

Dr. Ramamurthy, Dr. Jibi Paul, Dr. Hepsibah Sharmil, Dr. Sathya P
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The sudden twisting of ankle which overstretches the ligaments to torn or sprain around the ankle joint can lead to pain and swelling. Pain and swelling is one of the major causes of concern in patients with acute lateral ankle sprain while performing physical and daily activity. The study aim was to find the effect of ultrasound therapy and cryotherapy over taping technique among patients with acute lateral ankle sprain. A total of 30 subjects with acute lateral ankle sprain participated in this study. Group A was given ultrasound therapy with cryotherapy for 30 minutes; Group B was given taping technique additional to ultrasound and cryotherapy. Pre and post test was done after 10 sessions of treatment. The outcome was measured for the participants by VAS score. Student’s t-test, Mann Whitney test, Wilcoxon signed rank test were used to analyze data in this study. Group A and B have shown significant improvement after treatment. Comparative study found Group B,  had  significant changes by ultrasound therapy, cryotherapy and ankle taping technique over the Group A with P<0.001, on reducing pain, swelling and improving  earlier active performance. On the basis of the result, the study concluded that treatment with cryotherapy, ultrasound therapy and taping technique is better compared with cryotherapy and ultrasound therapy, and has more effect in reducing pain, swelling and improving earlier active physical performance.  
Keywords: Lateral Ankle Sprain, Pain and Swelling, Ultrasound therapy, Cryotherapy, Ankle Taping Technique, Visual Analog Scale (VAS).
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