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Volume 11 Issue 1, January 2021    Pages:86-90
Effect of Method of Ligation on the Pain Perception During Orthodontic Treatment- A Rct using Conventional Metal and Dual Activation Self-Ligating Brackets

Dr B. Nivethigaa, Dr Aravind Kumar Subramanian and Remmiya Mary Varghese
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Pain is the worst perceived side effect of the orthodontic treatment. Even though momentary, the amount of pain is the major deciding factor when patient compliance is considered. The aim of the study was to evaluate the pain perception during the initial alignment phase with conventional metal and Dual activation self-ligating brackets. The study group consisted of 20 subjects who were selected for orthodontic treatment of malocclusion. The mean age of the samples chosen at the start of treatment was 16 years 3 months. Patients after complete strap up were given a coding sheet and were asked to code the amount of pain perception. The values were tabulated and statistical analysis was performed. Independent sample T test was done to analyze the statistical significance of the results obtained. The intergroup variation in the pain perception showed a statistical significance (p <0.05) at all the time intervals excepting one recorded during the end of the first month (p >0.05) when pain dropped to the minimum in both the groups. Intra group analysis between different time intervals was performed by post hoc Tuckey test. After the initial stages of unbearable pain during the first day after the appointment, a drop down in the rate of pain was noted which reached baseline values by 1 month. Some amount of pain was always perceived irrespective of the brackets used. But dual activation self-ligating brackets showed comparatively lesser pain than the conventional brackets. Amount of pain perceived also depends on certain patient factors and the amount of force applied. Maintenance of very low initial force levels will have a better effect in improving patient comfort and compliance.
Keywords: Dual activation self-ligating bracket; Conventional ligation; Interactive bracket; Pain perception; self-ligating bracket; visual analog scale.
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