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Volume 11 Issue 1, January 2021    Pages:1-9
Management Patterns of Various Hepato-Pancreatic Diseases in Gastroenterology Department at a Tertiary Care Hospital

Dr. Sattu Srinivas, Ms. D.Vageeshwari, Ms. Mallika Kaza and Ms. Shreya Varanasi Prasanna.
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Hepato-pancreatic diseases are the leading cause of deaths in adults globally. Proper disease management with various approaches can reduce the risk of mortality and providing more efficacious therapies for the patients is one of the most urgent needs hence, the present study is intended to observe and analyze the management patterns of hepato- pancreatic diseases in patients with and without complications and the impact of invasive procedures in management of hepato-pancreatic diseases. A prospective observational study was conducted for a period of 6 months from September 2018- February 2019 after obtaining permission from the Institutional Ethical committee of CMR College of Pharmacy. A total of 3 hepatic and 2 pancreatic diseases  were taken this study out of which 36 were Alcoholic liver disease  cases(ALD),  15 were Chronic liver disease cases(CLD), 8 were  Liver abscess cases(LA), 36 were Chronic pancreatitis(CP) cases and 25 were acute pancreatitis(AP) cases. These cases were observed predominance of males can be seen in our study which can be correlated with the fact that, alcohol consumption is the major cause for hepato-pancreatic diseases and its complications as alcohol consumption causes epigenetic changes that contribute to alcohol induced liver and pancreatic damage. The data were collected according to the inclusion criteria and the final analysis was done based on various parameters.  Data analysis showed that pharmacological management was applied in most of the cases (97%) and it was found to be effective instead of invasive procedures that were employed only in 3% of cases along with pharmacological management thereby reducing the burden of hospital on patients
Keywords: Hepato-pancreatic, diseases, Management, Invasive, Non invasive
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