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Volume 11 Issue 1, January 2021    Pages:54-62
Pharmacognostic Characterization for Taxonomic Identification of Bacopa monnieri (L.) Wettst. for Quality Control

Naureen Shaba Khan, Bhaskar Chaurasia and Ashwini Kumar Dixit
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Pharmacognostic studies played a crucial role in checking the possibilities and threat of adulteration among natural drugs by macroscopic and microscopic examination of plant materials. Organoleptic characters, macroscopic and microscopic studies, physicochemical and fluorescence analysis of Bacopa monnieri (L.)Wettst. has been carried out to determine the anatomical and pharmacognostic portrayal. The organoleptic studies revealed that B. monnieri is green in colour, bears a characteristic smell, leaves have smooth soft texture and bitter in taste. Stomata of anomocytic type and stomatal index was 17.77 and 18.18 in upper and lower epidermis respectively. Glandular trichome was present on the leaf surface and petiole. Study of powder microscopic analysis and fluorescence characteristics reveals round and oval starch granules, sclerenchymatous cells, lignified fibres, vascular bundles, spherical oil globules, raphides, druses, thin fibres and compounds oil droplets, xylem vessels with spiral and reticulates thickenings in the powder of different part of the plant.  Observations revealed that the study has a great potential in unraveling the identification keys of plants species by highlighting various pharmacognostic aids.
Keywords: Bacopa monnieri; Bramhi; Pharmacognostic studies; Medicinal plants.
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