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Volume 1 Issue 1, October - December 2011    Pages:38-43
Evaluation of Buffalo Bull Spermatozoal Dna Damage Using Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis

Rahul Nandre, Haresh Derashri And Chaitanya Joshi
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Deoxyribonucleic acid was influenced by sperm ageing and sperm storage temperature. In this study, the effect on DNA integrity at pre-freeze and post-freeze stages was analyzed by single cell gel electrophoresis during winter and summer seasons. Traditionally, the diagnosis of male infertility depends on microscopic assessment and biochemical assays to evaluate quality of semen. These tests are needed to provide the basic information for initial diagnosis. However, none of these parameters gives information about sperm function and their fertilization capability. The fertility of these sperms is questionable. The evaluation of sperm DNA damage is a promising technique to diagnose the male infertility. It has been shown to be closely associated with negative relationships with fertilization, embryo quality, implantation and positive relationships with abortion. Here we report the effect of preservation temperature and season on sperm DNA damage, using the single cell gel electrophoresis to measure DNA fragmentation. The significant difference (P
Keywords: Spermatozoa, DNA damage, buffalo bull infertility, single cell gel electrophoresis, Spermatozoa,DNA damage, buffalo bull infertility, single cell gel electrophoresis
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