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International Journal of Life science and Pharma Research (IJLPR)
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Volume 11 issue 3, May    Pages:17-22
Indigenous Medicinal Plants of Tripura used by the Folklore Practitioners for the Treatment of Bone Fractures

Gunamoni Das, Anjan Kumar Sarma, NitulJyoti Das, Prasenjit Bhagawati and R. K. Sharma
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Traditional medicine is the oldest form of medicine and modern medicine has its roots in it. The experienced folklore practitioners are very scientific in their approach and understand well the mind and body relationship. This has enabled them to treat their patients in an integrated and holistic manner. Indian system of medicine has identified around medicinal plants, of which 500 species are used in preparation of drug formulations. KiratDesh an ancient name of Tripura was well known as a land of hills and dates in the past and was very rich in flora and fauna diversity. Almost all the plants contain some chemical compounds that are beneficial to mankind and many of them are used for medicinal values.  In Tripura, about 266 species have been found to have medicinal properties. Folklore practitioners of Tripura were studied for the use of indigenous medicinal plants in the treatment of bone fractures. They use a combination of herbal, physical and natural process for treatment. They know that natural resources that have nurtured the human race the secret of healing. Knowledge of Traditional medicine is like a family heirloom and is transferred by means of inheritance. This precious knowledge should be conserved and all of indigenous medicinal plants should be protected from unauthorized use for monetary gain. We recorded 23 numbers of wild indigenous medicinal plant species and formulations of 12 types of traditional medicine treatments for the cure of bone fractures. This is a preliminary study and there is more scope for further extensive research and documentation.
Keywords: Indigenous medicinal plants, Folklore practitioners, Traditional medicine, Bone fracture, Tripura
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