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International Journal of Life science and Pharma Research (IJLPR)
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Volume 11 Issue 1, January 2021    Pages:130-136
An Observational Study to Correlate Uterine Fibroid with Vyadhi in Ayurveda

Dr. Rajni K. Gurmule, Dr. GopalSharma and Dr. Priti Desai
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Uterine fibroid is the common type of benign tumor of uterus which affects the health of women. These are mostly asymptomatic but still cause major morbidity in women. Along with menorrhagia, dysmenorrhoea fibroid also shows symptoms such as infertility, pain in lower abdomen, anemia due to blood loss.  Hormonal therapy and symptomatic treatment are carried out to treat this disease. In some advance cases, surgery is carried out. But there is no absolute treatment for cure of uterine fibroid till today. There is a description of various Ayurvedic diseases affecting the health of women. There is somewhat resemblance between Vyadhis in Ayurveda and uterine fibroid such as Raktaja Gulma, Granthi and Arbuda. But there is an evidence gap regarding correlation of uterine fibroid with disease mentioned in Ayurveda. So we have made sincere effects to correlate Ayurvedic disease with uterine fibroid with the help of an observational study. Our study will aid to treat uterine fibroid using Ayurvedic principles. For this observational , study 30 women of the age group 30-60 having uterine fibroid after taking their prior consent were taken by considering inclusion and exclusion criteria. Their USG reports of abdomen and pelvis were collected. Detailed clinical examination was carried out and case report forms filled. After hysterectomy, gross examination of fibroid was carried out and their histopathology reports were collected for further study. We found mean age of occurrence of fibroid was40.4 years. Mean of symptoms to be visible was 22.44. Avednam, Snigdha, Na-Anyavearnam, Ashmopam, Apakam, Aprachalyama Lakshana was found in 80%, 90%, 100%, 66.66%, 93%,  63.33% respectively  From all the observation and results, at the end of this study, we concluded that uterine fibroid can be correlated with Arbuda and its subtype Mansarbuda
Keywords: Arbuda, Ayurveda, Granthi, hysterectomy, hormonal therapy, Mansarbuda, tumour, Uterine fibroid
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