International Journal of Life science and Pharma Reviews (IJLPR)  
International Journal of Life science and Pharma Research (IJLPR)
Life Science
Volume 10 Issue 5, December 2020    Pages:113-120
Black Soldier Fly/Larvae: A Weapon for Solid Waste Management and Alternative Feed for Poultry and Aquatic Industries

Rushikesh Jadhav, Ligi Milesh*, Twinkle Mathew, Renuka Madhu, Raghavendra, Maruti, Shoumi Halder, Ramesh Kumar Kushwaha*and Anjlina David
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In developing countries like India, the most unresolved threats present at our urban citizens are related to solid waste management. Even though various methods were practiced previously, due to various scenarios the degradation and disposal of waste has yet remained as a challenge. Thus, to overcome the present situation, Black Soldier fly/larvae (BSF/L) based waste disposal and management can be implemented as one of the main practices as it has been proved to degrade kitchen solid waste to organic waste within a few hours. These larvae after feeding on solid wastes like vegetable waste, agricultural waste and bio-waste mature into a complete fly after several stages of development. Simultaneously, late larval stage i.e. the pre-pupa can be also used as feed in poultry and fish industries. It has been reported that the BSFL can consume organic waste in larger quantities and the rate of degradation is estimated to be higher than any other species of their kind. Moreover, as the rate of reproduction of BSF is very high and provides maximum yield it makes waste management very productive and profitable with greater outcomes. The larvae of BSF used as poultry and fish feed consist of 70% of protein and other of carbohydrates, fats, micro and macronutrients thus providing all the beneficiary nutrients to produce high-quality eggs and meat without any dose of antibiotics and hormones. BSF can be an alternative for recycling and valuing agro-industrial by-products as well. This review explains about the health benefits of using BSF as feed in aquaculture and poultry. This article also explains about the environmental impacts of using BSF. Thus, reviewing all the benefits of the usage of black soldier Larvae/ fly, it can be considered as the next solution for solid waste management in urban India as it has been approved by FDA.
Keywords: Black Soldier Fly, Larvae, Solid waste management, Poultry feed
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