International Journal of Life science and Pharma Reviews (IJLPR)  
International Journal of Life science and Pharma Research (IJLPR)
Life Science
Volume 10 Issue 5, December 2020    Pages:53-56
Comparative Study of Complexation of Midodrine Hydrochloride and Noradrenaline with Ag () Metal Ion – A Spectroscopic Method

Dr. Namita Bharadwaj and Jaishri Kaushik
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DOI: 10.22376/ijpbs/lpr.2020.10.5.L53-56
The aim of this work was to study the stability constants of Midodrine and Noradrenaline with metal ion Ag (I) using the UV /Visible spectrophotometric technique in an aqueous solution. The drug-metal complexes were used to restrict the growth of pathogens and parasites which are injurious to humans. In medicinal inorganic chemistry, transition metal have major role. The binding site of the drug molecule interact with transition metal that exhibit various oxidation states and this activity of transition metals led to the recent development of a new  drugs which are based on metals and are considered to be potential candidates for pharmacological and therapeutic applications. In this article we compare metal ligand complex formation of Midodrine Hydrochloride and Noradrenaline with transition metal ion Ag (I). The formed complexes were absorbed maximally at 300nm and 280 nm. The different experimental parameters affecting the development of the colour were carefully analyzed and optimized. The stoichiometry of Midodrine-Ag (I) & Noradrenaline-Ag (I) complexes consists of metal/ligand in 1:1 ratio. The stability constants of the complex were calculated to be 5.72 & 4.34   by Job’s continuous method. The order of stability constant (βn) was found to be Midrodrine-Ag (I) > Noradrenaline-Ag (I). The stability constant data showed the ligand (drugs) are used as antidote or chelating agent for medication. The high concentrations of metal in complexation are toxic for human body.   This works focuses on research and development of a new synthetic drug - metal complexes. In the molecular structure of Midodrine and Noradrenaline, nitrogen oxygen atom are chelating to transition metal Ag (Ⅰ) and used as metallodrug.  This analysis encourages further research in this field for future applications. This method can be used for routine analysis of Midodrine hydrochloride formulation and to check the stability of bulk samples. It is important to note that the presence of metal ions in complex biosynthesis may have a significant impact on the therapeutic effects of these biological compounds.
Keywords: Complexation, Spectrophotometric Analysis, Midodrine hydrochloride, Noradrenaline, stability constant.
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