International Journal of Life science and Pharma Reviews (IJLPR)  
International Journal of Life science and Pharma Research (IJLPR)
Life Science
Volume 10 Issue 4, October - November 2019    Pages:41-49
Non-Pathogenic bacteria in Bioremediation of Cr (VI) for decontamination of ground water: An Extensive Review

Subhadeep Ganguly and Smaranika Pattnaik
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Cr(VI), one of the most common ground waters heavy metal contaminant due to its indiscriminateuse in different industries has become a matter of major environmental concern. So, it is desirable that remediation methods should be such that brings its level within the permissible limits before effluents are discharged. The methods should be cheap as well as eco-friendly. Nowadays, severalbiological remediation strategies are used by applying microorganisms for its removal involving biosorption and biotransformation. Biosorption is dependent on surface nature of the biosorbentswhereas biotransformations depend on the presence of reductants. The present review includes bioremediation strategies of Cr(VI) based on biosorption or biotransformation or both by non-pathogenic bacteria only.
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Keywords: Cr(VI), Heavy metal, Biosorption, Biotransformation, Bioremediation.
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