International Journal of Life science and Pharma Reviews (IJLPR)  
International Journal of Life science and Pharma Research (IJLPR)
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Volume 2 Issue 1, January - March 2012    Pages:185-190
Pharmacological Effects Of Leaves And Fruits Of Solanumerianthum (Solanaceae) For Anti-Trichomonal Activity

Ibikunle Gabriel and Femi.
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The treatment of trichomoniasis has been based on the use of metronidazole developed in 1959 and the derivatives but has now been stopped because of its effect on the DNA. The extracts of Solanumerianthum D. Don. leaves and fruits were evaluated to determine the phytotherapeutic activities against Trichomonas gallinarum in vitro. The leaves and the fruits of S.erianthum were extracted with methanol to obtain leaves and fruits extracts coded as SEL and SEF respectively. The SEL and SEF were further purified by partitioning into Petroleum ether (SEL-P & SEF-P), chloroform (SEL-C & SEF-C), ethyl acetate (SEL-E&SEF-E) and aqueous (SEL-A&SEF-A) fractions. The SEL, SEF and their partition fractions were each tested for anti-trichomonal activity. The anti-trichomonal activities of SEL and SEF at 24h and 48 h showed that SEL was more active than SEF with LC50 and LC90 of 134.70±35.90, 153.64±91.84, 554.0±55.72, 749.61±41.66, (μg/ml) and 45.55±11.57, 56.51±5.52, 132.02±26.20, 247.66±41.66 (μg/ml) respectively. The SEL-Eactivity observed at 48h gave LC50 and LC90 of 26.98±1.1, 14.04±4.04 and 79.43±2.94, 64.37±4.37 (µg/ml). Comparatively the purified fraction SEL-E had very good rating with the standard drug (metronidazole) at 48 h which had LC50 and LC90 of, 14.04±4.04 and 64.37 ±4.37 (µg/ml) respectively. The SEL-E fraction and standard drug at 48 h did not show significant difference (P>0.05) in their bioactivities and it is therefore a potential source of drug for the treatment of trichomonasis.
Keywords: Crude methanolicextract, trichomonasis, anti-trichomonal, Trichomonasgallinarum, Solanumerianthumand Metronidazole.
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