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International Journal of Life science and Pharma Research (IJLPR)
Life Science
Volume 2 Issue 3, July - September 2012    Pages:41-56
Hiv/aids-related knowledge, attitudes and social distance towards people living with hiv/aids (plwha) among undergraduate students in calabar

Edet Olaide Bamidele. (Rn. Mph. Phd), Edet, Edet Etim (Mbbs, Mph. Fmcph), Samson-Akpan, Patience Edoho (R.N, Mph. Phd) & Ndifon, Wilfred (Mbbch, Mph. Fmcph, Frsph)
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The study determines HIV-AIDS related knowledge, attitudes and level of social distance of undergraduate students in Calabar towards PLWHA as a basis for planning an appropriate stigma-reducing educational intervention. A total population study of 165 undergraduate students was undertaken for this descriptive survey. Responses to a validated self-reporting questionnaire provided the source of data. The mean age of participants was 21 +/- 3.6. Eighty seven (53.0%) scored below the mean knowledge score of 11.0 +/- 3.9. One hundred and five (64.0%) had a favourable outlook towards PLWHA. although some myths still exist among the students. Most 109 (66.0%) were classified as desiring moderate to severe distance towards PLWHA. Previous encounter with PLWHA and experience of VCT were significantly associated with knowledge and attitudes of undergraduates (P< 0.05). Sensitization seminars on HIV/AIDS targeted at undergraduates should include opportunities for interactive sessions with PLWHA and exposure to VCT.
Keywords: Undergraduate students, HIV-related knowledge, HIV-related attitudes, Risky practices, Social distance
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